RED optimise - Reliable Enhanced Data


RED optimise is the new generation of CAREL digital services dedicated to retail applications, with the following main objectives:

Reduce operating costs

Save hours on alarm management by focusing only on any current critical conditions, thanks to alarm priority and filters.

Optimise energy consumption

Reduce energy consumption by analyzing working conditions, identify and adopt the most virtuous consumption profiles to maximize the benefit.

Improve food quality

Avoid malfunctions to maintain performance over time and further fidelize customers thanks to the high quality perceived.


This new cloud portal is the evolution of RemotePRO, maintaining all of its functions, flexibility and customisation capabilities as well as introducing new features.

RED optimise comes with a completely upgraded interface for an improved user experience, while at the same time maintaining the family feeling with the boss range. The new design is extremely easy to use and allows all users to find the information they are looking for in a straightforward and intuitive way.

CAREL’s experience in thermodynamics, combined with modern data mining technologies and artificial intelligence, are used to transform vast amounts of data into intuitive and valuable information by seamlessly integrating multiple technologies installed in the field.

RED offers a large suite of analytical dashboards to ensure continuous control and maximum efficiency of the entire retail chain. RED’s dynamic online analysis system ensures maximum flexibility for continuous evolution, through the creation of custom dashboards and the introduction of new advanced preventive algorithms that suggest clear corrective or improvement actions to be carried out by technical personnel.

RED optimise is the ideal solution for all stakeholders, making the typical complexity of retail systems much, much simpler. From service managers to technical personnel, quality managers and energy managers, everyone involved can improve and simplify their everyday tasks while increasing system efficiency.


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