Heez is the new CAREL solution for the control and management of beverage coolers that is presented for the first ever time at Euroshop 2017


Heez combines CAREL’s experience in the design and control of high-efficiency solutions with the application of technological innovations, such as wireless connectivity, for a new user experience.
Heez moreover enables a low environmental impact, as it uses propane, a natural refrigerant, and it comfortably meets the requirements of the reference standards in terms of energy efficiency and the needs of the highest-performance coolers available on the market.

No-compromise efficiency and performance
These are the main strengths of Heez, the result of continuous modulation of the variable-capacity rotary compressors (DC inverter), extremely high performance technology that CAREL has for the first time made available to the refrigerated merchandiser segment. DC rotary technology in fact ensures the highest energy performance due to the very wide range of modulation, as well as high reliability and stability, lower noise and more compact dimensions.
Heez is therefore the response to the challenges that the industry will have to face in the near future in terms of reducing environmental impact and running costs, while still guaranteeing the required performance. In fact it is fundamental for drinks and similar products to be at the ideal temperature for sale at all times, meaning rapid cooling when opening the store or the bottle cooler, or when restocking the cooler. In addition to guaranteeing such high performance, Heez can ensure results in terms of energy savings that easily exceed the current market benchmarks and indeed anticipate future standards, using a natural refrigerant - propane - to achieve true natural efficiency.

Built-in controller for best-in-class coolers 
Heez represents the best-in-class solution for the construction of beverage coolers, with a completely integrated control solution for optimum refrigerator management. Heez features a DC inverter that drives variable-capacity rotary compressors, modulating DC fans and stepper valves, for total modulation.
With Heez CAREL has moreover developed specific, highly innovative control logic that fully exploits the benefits of these technologies in this application, including dynamic set points and preventive actions, and self-learning routines to ensure operation in optimum energy conditions at all times. Indeed, the auto-adaptive algorithms can learn from the “habits” of the specific cooler and the entire store, guaranteeing the required performance with the highest efficiency.

Maximum usability and connectivity
Heez features an easily customisable user interface with a completely upgraded design, plus integrated wireless connectivity for interaction with mobile devices and access to all the information and reference documents, always updated on available on the cloud.
Connectivity with mobile devices and contents stored on the cloud, together with auto-adaptive control algorithms, simplify operation and maintenance of Heez systems compared to previous technologies.
The smartphone app can be used to instantly and easily access specific contents, meaning all of the information needed for service or checks in the field is always available.
Compatibility with IoT systems, an essential tool for these types of refrigerated showcases, enables digital marketing activities and strategies and helps improve maintenance.

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