Heos sistema: components and know how for high efficiency showcases

High efficiency solution for plug and play showcase management

Heos is CAREL’s high-efficiency solution for the management of plug-in (air cooled) and semi plug-in (water cooled) showcases.
Traditional multiplex solutions need to meet the demand of units operating in conditions that are often very different from each other, thus meaning operation of the individual showcase cannot be precisely optimised.
In a centralised solution, in fact, optimisation is based on an "average" of evaporator operating conditions, with the result that control is significantly dependent on the showcase in the most critical conditions.

Rather than remote cabinets supplied by long distribution lines and a single compressor rack,
Heos proposes the use of plug-in (air cooled) and semi plug-in (water cooled) showcases,
equipped with electronic expansion valves and variable-speed compressors based on DC technology. 


Plug-in showcase technology ensures:

Reliability, through to the use of factory-tested units

Less risk of leakage, lower maintenance and installation costs

Flexibility in determining store layout


DC technology allows continuous modulation, maximising

Efficiency, which means a genuine reduction in operating costs

Control stability, i.e. better quality and longer shelf life


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