Heosone: all in one DC inverter solution for high efficiency R290 chest freezer

Sebastiano Di Lena
Group Marketing Manager - Food Retail

Speech scheduled on Wednesday 19 February 2020 at 4:30 pm

DC inverter technology stands out for its real and wide capacity modulation and better overall energy consumption. Compressors driven by DC inverters guarantee the best energy performance in every load condition and the lowest noise, reducing operating costs and increasing the quality of food preservation, with stable temperature control ensuring reliable and silent operation. Compactness and light weight, low noise and vibrations combined with an overall reduction in cost and ease of use are key factors of this solution to support the adoption of natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration. Propane is an excellent natural refrigerant with one of the lowest possible GWPs, and requires only a minimum charge to obtain good performance. These three elements combine together to give a compact, lightweight, low environmental impact, low noise and cost-effective solution to support the introduction of natural refrigerants in plug-in retail cabinets, such as chest freezers. CAREL has set up a combination of dedicated components, comprising compressor, inverter, controller, electronic expansion valve and modulating fans; tailor-made software has been implemented and tuned to the specific application. The result is the maximisation of the behaviour of each component to obtain a system that achieves best in class energy efficiency performance, tested in the lab in accordance with EN ISO 23953-2.

After graduating in Chemical Engineering at the University of Padova in 2002, Sebastiano Di Lena worked as project engineer for a small contracting company in the steel mills sector, before moving into the refrigeration and industrial cooling market in 2004, joining a Swedish multinational company. He worked there for 15 years, dealing with heat exchangers and covering different roles in technical support, sales and product management, and living in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. He recently joined CAREL as Group Marketing Manager in the food retail market unit.