Energy savings

More than simply wanting to save energy, recently a series of standards and political initiatives have been established that boost demand for devices than can manage energy usage and minimise waste.

For instance, REPowerEU is a plan that aims to reduce dependency on fossil fuel sources through four main actions: energy savings, source diversification, acceleration of the green energy transition and managing investments in an effective way.

Another example is the EU ecolabel, the official European Union voluntary label for environmental excellence. Established in 1992 and recognised across Europe and worldwide, the EU Ecolabel certifies products with a guaranteed, independently-verified low environmental impact.

Supporting the EU Ecolabel is a winning choice for a retailer. Not only does it boost their corporate image, it also responds to customers’ increasing demand for truly environmentally sustainable products.

CAREL’s solutions have always been developed to guarantee high efficiency and energy savings, whatever approach our customers take regarding refrigeration installations. CAREL has developed and supplied several solutions for cabinet and rack manufacturers, through its so-called HE (High Efficiency) solutions based on DC technology.

DC technology (short for BLDC, brushless direct current compressor) consists in applying the concept of continuous load modulation through the synergy of electronic stepper valve and variable speed compressors driven by DC speed drivers. The synchronised action of these two elements, which represent the most important part of the refrigerant circuit, not only optimises performance based on the effective load required, but also provides perfect knowledge of how the system is operating.

This makes it possible on one hand to achieve the highest efficiency in all seasonal conditions, and on the other to develop advanced control logic that pave the way for true predictive maintenance. 

The natural evolution is to connect your systems through edge devices that enable connection to the cloud and its related services, such as digital analytics, dashboards, predictive maintenance, etc.

Heos, HeosOne devices and Heosbox are examples of components and finished units designed for semi-plug-in and plug-in cabinets that embrace DC technology, while Hecu is designed for outdoor condensing units.

The MPX range is a series of controllers designed for remote cabinets, embedding energy saving features, even without DC technology on board, as well as enabling management of VCC compressors for small plug-in cabinets: MPXzero for a minimal approach with thermostatic valve, or MPXone, with a higher level of HW capabilities and complexity, for example using an electronic expansion valve.

The iJ platform has been designed as a control solution for plug-in showcases in HoReCa applications and for merchandisers. The platform’s modularity enables the rapid adoption of solutions with variable-speed compressors, managed via serial line, for maximum control of the overall system. Moreover, the numerous customisation combinations available ensure a tailor-made product for every need.

Another way to increase energy savings can be the adoption of Chillbooster, to respond to heat waves or compensate for undersized condensers and dry coolers in the original installation.