humiSonic direct

humiSonic direct
humiSonic direct humiSonic direct
  • General characteristics

    The features of the new humiSonic direct highlight its versatility and make it suitable for every type of application: datacenters, museums, offices, printing facilities and cold stores are some of the typical uses, thanks to its compactness and efficiency.

    For example, a humiSonic direct humidifier installed in the hot aisle of a datacenters eliminates the need for steam humidifiers in the CCU, simplifying the system and guaranteeing a very fast return on investment, due to the 90% lower running costs.

    humiSonic direct encompasses, in one single solution, the control panel/power supply and air humidity probe. It is therefore a fully stand-alone unit, ideal for both new applications and retrofit installations. In addition, main/secondary mode can be used to quadruple humidification system capacity.

    humiSonic direct can be connected to a convenient remote display, so as to monitor the unit without needing to access the humidifier directly.

    It can also be easily integrated into a BMS using an external signal (for example, 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA) or via a serial link with Modbus protocol. If controlled by a sufficiently accurate external signal, humiSonic can achieve exceptional precision: even less than ±1% around the relative humidity set point.

    The transducers that guarantee at least 10,000 continuous operating hours mean maintenance is needed so rarely as to be almost forgotten; humiSonic direct will remind users when maintenance is required

  • Plus

    humiSonic direct enjoys all the benefits of ultrasound technology, plus additional new improvements developed by CAREL:

    • energy saving: just 10% of the power consumption of steam humidifiers;
    • reliability: 10,000 hours of uninterrupted operation guaranteed;
    • precision: relative humidity control of ±1% on the set point;
    • absorption efficiency: the droplets, just 1 µm in size, evaporate instantly;
    • easy installation: humiSonic direct only requires a power and feed water connection to start running;
    • hygiene: stainless steel components, no water recirculation and periodical washing cycles.



  • Brochure
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +3000103RU
    Description humiSonic Адиабатические и ультразвуковые увлажнители воздуха
    Date 31/10/2019
    Release 2.0