humiSonic compact

humiSonic compact
  • General characteristics

    Ultrasonic humidifiers are made up of a small water storage tank with piezoelectric transducers installed at the bottom. The surface of the transducer vibrates at very high speed (1.65 million times a second), thus generating a column of very fine water droplets, with a diameter of around 5 µm. A light forced air stream then carries the mist produced into the room.

    The built-in electronic board ensures precise control of unit operation and humidity production, with a complete and intuitive user interface. This product is available in two sizes: the 0.5 l/h version, whose compact size makes it ideal for installation on fan coils, and the 1.0 l/h version, ideal for more general applications.

  • Plus

    • Compact dimensions
    • Built-in electronic board
    • User interface
    • Communication with all types of signals
    • Modbus protocol and availability of different distribution systems for a high-performance system
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    Code +3000103RU
    Description humiSonic Адиабатические и ультразвуковые увлажнители воздуха
    Date 31/10/2019
    Release 2.0