Blast Chiller

Blast Chiller
Blast Chiller Blast Chiller
  • General characteristics

    Blast Chiller is CARELs' complete range of controllers and user terminals, including top of the range model with large graphic display to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users looking for innovative & energy efficient solutions. Blast Chiller is based on the pCO series programmable platform and features a graphic interface (pGD1 series) offering a simple menu (including multiple languages) and complete icons. Blast Chiller features three different levels of access, protected by password:
    • typical user level: the chef has access to the main functions, such as the chilling/freezing cycles, the storage phase, the HACCP reports and the sterilisation of the unit, using a simple and user-friendly graphic menu;
    • installer/maintenance level: offers the possibility to configure the main unit operating parameters;
    • expert user level: to customise/adapt the controller to the unit through more detailed configuration of the parameters
  • Plus

    • chilling and freezing cycles in compliance with standards (time or temperature, hard or soft);
    • storage phase;
    • creation of completely customisable cycles;
    • smart defrosts for energy saving;
    • optimum time management thanks to the built-in clock;
    • three different levels of access.