WTS Compact

WTS Compact
  • General characteristics

    The WTS Compact (Water Treatment System) is a reverse osmosis system for water demineralization: thanks to the use of specific osmotic membranes, the WTS is able to purify water from all the substances dissolved in it, such as mineral salts, chlorides, silicon, iron and even microbes and bacteria. The water produced (permeate) is pure, characterized by a very low conductivity value, and with physical, chemical and organic characteristics suitable for humidifiers.

    WTS Compact is available in two versions: with pump and without pump. The solution without pump minimizes the dimensions; it is suitable when the input pressure is greater than 4 bar. The solution with pump is more complete and robust; it is equipped with an electrical panel, the components are fixed onto a wall panel, it has less load loss in the downstream circuit. Both versions are combined to an expansion vessel, which must be placed on the downstream circuit and which has the task of balancing the pressure of the output permeate and supplying the initial quantity necessary for the first start-up of the humidifier.


    WTS Compact is designed to be used with small humidifiers, such as humiSonic, humiDisk and heaterSteam up to 10 l/h. The benefits that come from using demineralized water for these humidifiers are many: less maintenance is required, it minimizes the accumulation of mineral salts, which cause incrustation on the nozzles and boilers, powders of mineral salts are not released, hygienic conditions improve. WTS Compact is available in the sizes 12 and 20 l/h (in the version without pump) and 25 and 40 l/h (in the version with pump).

  • Plus

    - reduced size
    - simple to install and use thanks to operation and adjustment parameters frozen in their optimum configuration
    - solution testes and guaranteed to be coupled with Carel humidifiers
    - expansion vessel always included, to be placed in the downstream circuit
    - very fast and simple periodic maintenance