WTS Large

WTS Large
WTS Large WTS Large
  • General characteristics

    The WTS Large (Water Treatment System) is a reverse osmosis system for water demineralization: thanks to the use of specific osmotic membranes, the WTS is able to purify water from all the substances dissolved in it, such as mineral salts, chlorides, silicon, iron and even microbes and bacteria. The water produced (permeate) is pure, characterized by a very low conductivity value, and with physical, chemical and organic characteristics suitable for humidifiers.

    WTS Large consists of the following modules: input water filtration, liquid antiscalant injection for water softening, charge valve, pressurizing pump, osmotic membranes, UV lamp on the output permeate. It is also equipped with an electronic controller that controls operation in automatic mode, allowing the user to interface rapidly and intuitively thanks to the display on the machine. WTS Large is designed to optimize field service, maximize the recovery value of the system (that is the ratio between the water produced and the water used), simplify installation and start-up operations, facilitate accessibility to the components of the system for monitoring and maintenance operations. WTS Large is suitable for atomizing adiabatic humidifiers (humiFog, optiMist, MC) and large steam humidifiers (heaterSteam and gaSteam).


    The benefits that come from using demineralized water for humidifiers are many: less maintenance is required, it minimizes the accumulation of mineral salts, which cause incrustation on the nozzles and boilers, powders of mineral salts are not released, hygienic conditions improve. WTS Large is available in the following capacities: 100, 320, 460, 600 e 1000 l/h. It can be coupled with an expansion vessel or a booster, also supplied by Carel.

  • Plus

    - very high recovery up to 70%
    - solution tested and guaranteed to be coupled with Carel humidifiers
    - UV lamp for extra hygienic security on the output permeate
    - very fast and simple periodic maintenance
    - all parts easy to access
    - quick start-up thanks to the intuitive layout of the machine and the clear and effective instructions