RED control for food service

RED control for food service*

The digital solution for the food service business that makes temperature tracing easier and faster through pre-configured reports, and improves the field service level in the event of unexpected problems or preventive maintenance, thanks to full control over the connected assets. 

Correct food storage is important for the health and ensures that the food’s organoleptic properties and nutritional characteristics remain intact. In the food service business, correct food storage means producing the reports required by current regulations, so as to certify food quality. It also means responding promptly in the event of any problems identified on the refrigerated cabinets where the food is stored, to avoid having to dispose of it and thus lose a source of income.


RED control is the new CAREL cloud portal for the food service business. It acquires the data sent by the network of connected controllers installed on the refrigerated cabinets, makes them available in real-time and on standard or configurable dashboards, and allows specific analysis based on trends.
Through user profile settings, access to the portal can be shared across multiple users, adapting and configuring the profile based on their specific responsibilities and the structure of the organisation.
RED control helps optimise the work of all the various players involved in the food service business.




Pre-configured and ready-to-use HACCP reports simplify the temperature monitoring and recording operations for users.   Alarm notifications - which can be configured based on the destination, user or service - and remote analysis of specific data increase the service level, reducing response times and allowing faster troubleshooting.   Quality checks on the connected cabinets make it possible to apply possible improvements for future designs, for both the upgrade of existing products and the development of new ones.


guarantees maximum control of the connected units,
providing every user the best experience
according to their specific needs.


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