• General characteristics

    Based on its expertise acquired in the market, CAREL can offer a vast library for HVAC/R applications.
    Indeed, the libraries of atoms, macroblocks and modules are the added value of 1tool. A system of functions that can precisely respond to the different design needs.

    The CAREL library of functional blocks includes:

    • 80 atoms, the basic elements of 1tool;
    • 121 macroblocks, complex algorithms based on consolidated and secure logic;
    • 45 modules, functional blocks made up of control algorithms and corresponding user interfaces.


    During development, the different elements that make up the library can be used at the same time. This allows the developer, depending on the level of complexity required by the application, to use the right combination of functional blocks for the construction of the application, from simple modifications to the development of highly complex algorithms. CAREL can also supply a vast range of standard applications for its family of programmable controllers, 12 different standard solutions for the HVAC/R market designed for developers who need a solid starting point to create custom solutions.


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