• General characteristics

    pR300T is the ideal controller for managing CO2 booster systems.
    The pRack pR300T platform is proposed on the transcritical CO2 system market as an increasingly high-performance product that helps users manage intrinsically complex units:
    • Complete management of transcritical CO2 systems on a single controller
    • Simple and intuitive user interfaces (including custom versions)
    • Easy access to supervisory systems
    • Easy access for programming (USB host and device)
    • Safety and backup procedures
    • High flexibility (multiboard, I/O configurability)


    pRack 300T comes with a long list of functions, including:

    • HPV valve control (optimal algorithm for pressure calculation)
    • Oil management (cooling-injection-separation)
    • Heat recovery (dual heat exchanger and gas cooler bypass)
    • Flash valve control (receiver pressure - safety linked to the HPV)
    • Recovery procedures (fault synchronisation with case controller)
    • Integration with Chillbooster (adiabatic cooling system for air-cooled condensers)
    • Activation of parallel compression (auxiliary compressors for receiver pressure control)
  • Plus

    • All of CAREL’s experience in CO2 management
      pR300T manages everything a transcritical system needs, from the flash valve to the high pressure valve, with advanced algorithms to maximise operating efficiency
    • Multiboard layout
      pRack boards can be combined together in a highly versatile way serve the different unit configurations available on the market
    • Custom functions
      pRack offers the possibility to configure truly custom logic, adding further flexibility to the design of the compressor rack
    • High Speed variant
      all of the established experience of pRack in a new variant that is five-times faster. Faster processing, faster software loading, higher performance.
    • Local and remote supervision
      Advanced local and remote supervision experience through integration with boss and RED
    • High Efficiency Solutions
      pR300T is the basis for high-end solutions with the highest levels of efficiency, featuring EmJ modulating ejectors as well as fully-modulating MultiDC racks