ir33 smart

ir33 smart
  • General characteristics

    ir33 smart features 6 sets of preloaded parameters (according to the model), each of which identifies a specific application.
    Selecting and loading the most suitable configuration for the application is simple operation that takes no more than 5 seconds.
    The information required for starting and correct operation of the unit is available in several languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese). Other languages may be available upon request.

    ir33 smart is ideal for the distribution market: once the language of the documents has been identified, all the applications can be managed with just three product codes

    The models with 1 and 2 relays have been created for simpler applications. The model with 4 relays (compressor, defrost, fans, aux) represents the top of the range, integrating the RTC clock and consequently HACCP reports.
    All the codes are fitted with a 115/230 Vac switching power supply, 16 A relay for the compressor and management of NTC and PTC probes to increase the flexibility of the instrument.