• General characteristics

    ir33+ is the new range of controllers for catering, ice cream parlours, patisseries, bars and restaurants.
    Special focus has been placed on the user interface: as well as the larger display (27% larger than ir33), available in more colours and the addition of the ON/OFF function, only the main functions have been highlighted, typically those accessed most by the user. There is also a special alarm icon with direct muting of the buzzer.
    The main functions are highlighted, such as set point display and auxiliary output activation, while other, less frequent functions for the end user, such as installation parameter settings, are in the background.

  • Plus

    • ir33+ features relays up to 16 A for controlling compressors. The top-of-the-range version comes with 4 relays and clock.
    • ir33+ power has a 2 HP power relay to directly control high capacity refrigeration compressors. ir33+ power is available with 230 Vac power supply and a maximum of 3 relays.