ir33+ FMC

ir33+ FMC
ir33+ FMC ir33+ FMC
  • General characteristics

    ir33+ Wide for Embraco Fullmotion compressors simplifies the use and management of variable speed compressors for all customers on the commercial refrigeration market.


    Simple to use

    Significant variations in compressor capacity and enormous energy reductions can be easily achieved by setting a couple of parameters.

    The dedicated PWM frequency output and simple parameter configuration can be used to configure an individual speed table for:

    • plug-in islands and units
    • catering and professional equipment
    • ice cream coolers
    • small cold rooms
    • wine coolers
    • showcases


    Complete solution

    All the knowledge and experience we have acquired from the market and our current ir33+ platform are included and combined together in this controller. Temperature, defrost and fans are managed, functions that are already appreciated on the market.

    New features in this range are:

    • Embraco Fullmotion management
    • Special hot gas defrost management
    • Pull Down management


    High performance

    Due to the high efficient Embraco Fullmotion compressor and the use of our ir33+ Wide, significant reductions in energy consumption can be achieved.

  • Plus

    • huge OPEX reduction
    • up to 40% energy savings
    • fast cooling by Pull Down management
    • system and temperature stability
    • noise reduction with BLDC technology
    • precise defrost m anagement
    • eco friendly with the use of
    • natural refrigerant