Convenience store

Convenience store Convenience store
  • General characteristics

    CAREL offers a complete high efficiency solution for Convenience Stores, to prevent energy and food wastage in small stores.

    The solutions proposed have been designed to meet the needs of all the different players involved in the application: from the service company to the franchiser, right up to the final customer. For every professional operator in the chain, the system offers specific functions that optimise working times and maximise profits, reducing the "hidden" costs of normal manual control by authorised personnel.

    System optimisation covers the main areas of energy consumption, such as refrigeration, air-conditioning and lighting, with the aim of reducing running costs and increasing profit, as well as simplifying the life of the people responsible for making strategic decisions across thousands of stores.

    The CAREL offering stands out for:

    • wide range of solutions for refrigeration systems;
    • complete management of all light fixtures both inside and outside the store;
    • optimisation of the air-conditioning system through centralised management;
    • automatic energy consumption metering and monitoring.

    Integration with wireless technology makes the system an easy and fast solution for both retrofits and new openings.

    The data acquired locally can be made available via a remote supervisory system to monitor individual stores, optimise energy performance and maximise savings for the end customer.

  • Plus

    Choosing Carel for complete management of small shops, such as convenience stores, means:

    • achieving very high energy performance in the main areas of power consumption, such as refrigeration, air-conditioning and lighting;
    • reducing operating costs for a fast return on investment;
    • providing the best tools for preventive maintenance and increasing service levels to the end customer;
    • guaranteeing excellent quality food preservation.