E2V-Z (smart)

E2V-S*; E2V-Z*
E2V-Z (smart)
  • General characteristics

    The CAREL E2V electronic expansion valves for low capacity applications combine high reliability and precise control, guaranteed by the equal percentage characteristic of the movable element and the 15 mm stroke without axial rotation.
    The wide range available can cover all applications that require cooling capacities up to 40 kW. The possibility of operation with fluid flow in both directions is especially useful when the valve is used for heat pump applications, moreover simplifying refrigerant circuit layout and reducing installation costs. Fitted on all sizes, the Teflon gasket on the movable element guarantees perfect tightness on closing.
    The E2V smart series adds the modular (it’s a demountable valve) advantages  to the well known high reliability and quality control of the hermetic E2V series.
    Especially in its newest version, the E2V-Z, it can satisfy the most demanding HVAC/R  applications that are nowadays asking for even more performant products able to serve critical environments even if providing easy installation processes and furthermore  assuring a simplified logistic management to OEMs.
    E2V-Z has been developed right for providing all of this,  with particular regard to the Retail market but well suiting any refrigerating circuit demands, thanks to the innovative design of the valve-body, unique for all the different cartridge sizes.
    This new concept permits to fit whatever size of cartridge on the same piece of body, enabling a capacity variation just by replacing the valve cartridge.