Temperature control system for bain marie applications

Temperature control system for bain marie applications
  • General characteristics

    This solution allows extremely easy management of temperature and water level in catering and cafeteria display case trays where food must be kept hot.

    The electrical panel is inside a plastic case with IP45 protection rating. A grommet system allows the power supply to be directly connected to the support terminal board. It comes with the temperature probe and terminal to be positioned on the front of the display case. Each electrical panel is inspected, configured and ready to be installed.

    The possible use of IROPZKEY programming key allows customisation of the parameters. The quick-mount terminal has a flat keypad that, due to its flat surfaces, allows easy cleaning and ensures a higher level of hygiene in complete compliance with HACCP requirements. The terminal is ideal for applications where available space is particularly limited. The internal depth is only 31mm and the faceplate can be customised for integration with the design of the display case.