ultimateSAM ultimateSAM ultimateSAM
  • General characteristics

    Multi-lance (SAB/SAT)
    The ultimateSAM system can use steam both from a network under pressure and from an atmospheric pressure generator (humidifier). In the first case, the fluid reaches the distributor via a regulating valve, by means of which there is an expansion that almost reaches atmospheric pressure. In the second case, ultimateSAM is connected directly to the steam producer; in this case the modulation of the flow of steam is carried out directly by the humidifier.

    In order to minimize condensation, the lances for the distribution of steam have been designed with deflectors and nozzles so as to ensure that only dry steam is released into the air handler unit/duct.
    The vertical air distribution pipes can be equipped with air gap insulation to reduce both parasitic heat gain in the air and condensate formation.
    The distributors with insulation have press-fitted nozzles in the pipes, which take the dry steam from the centre of the distributors to avoid delivering droplets of condensate into the air flow. Non-insulated distributors do not have nozzles. The use of models with insulated lances with nozzles allows a reduction of 30% condensation compared to non-insulated ones. In both cases, of course, a short absorption distance is guaranteed (of the order of 200mm).


    UltimateSAM compact (SAB**M*)
    ultimateSAM steam distributor version designed specifically for small ducts. The smaller version has two pipes and can be installed in 300mm x 300 mm ducts. ultimateSAM compact does not require steam inlet kits or condensate drain kits, as these are fitted as standard on the product. On the compact version all the pipes are insulated.


    Single lance (SA0)

    It can be used for pressurized steam or with steam at atmospheric pressure. In this case, the manifold separates the condensation as it is equipped with an internal deflector, as well as a condensate drain. The single lance is provided with insulation and nozzles to reduce the formation of condensation and the absorption distance.


  • Plus

    • Modulating valves with electric actuator and automatic closing safety device in case of power failure;
    • Steam input connections in stainless steel;
    • Separators and condensate drains to prevent the condensation of the power line from reaching the valve of the distributor.
    • Y-filters for the removal of any impurities present in the supply piping